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God doesn’t always enlighten us by spelling things out. Sometimes he just gives us a sound or a sight, and he speaks to us under the surface of which, with the simple knowledge that he is everything we long for. It is this belief that lead us to enlist the help of our friends Jordan Brasko and Jackson Mills to shoot a beautifully understated video for the instrumental version of our song “Simply Grace.”



We’re excited to announce that we will be appearing at Facedown Fest 2015! Join us on May 16 at Glasshouse in Pomona, CA!

Tickets available at



We will be enjoying the company of these bands up north for a few dates. If you live in the area come hang out with us My Ticket HomePhinehas, and Shai Hulud!



We’ve had a pretty exciting year in 2014 and we’ve loved every minute of it. Here are our top 5 favorite things about this year:

1) Signing to Facedown Records

We started off the year by announcing that we had joined Facedown Records. This was huge for us especially after the years we’ve put into this band. We’ve looked up to Facedown as a label and the bands they’ve had over the years so it was a huge blessing to be able to join the family.

2) Playing festivals this year

This year we got to play some really cool festivals such as facedown fest, sonshine fest, agape fest, and iMatter fest. We love the events because so many of our friends are there when we’re all normally out touring different parts of the country, so it’s like a little reunion every time we get the chance to do one.

3) Touring into Canada for the first time

This year marked another milestone for us as we were able to cross the US/ Canadian border for the first time during a tour.

4) Releasing Struggle Well

In August we put out our freshman release with facedown called Struggle Well. We put a bunch of work into the album so it was incredible feeling to be able to release it and see the reaction we got on it.

5) Josiah getting engaged

This summer our vocalist, Josiah, got engaged to his girlfriend, Jordan and on February 27th they get to be married!!